C'est parti mon Kiki

Céline Prodhomme

About Me

I’m Céline, and I’ve been on an incredible journey as a French teacher for the past few years. In 2022, I took a leap and founded my own business called ‘C’est parti mon kiki’—a venture dedicated to helping you master the French language and immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of French culture.

From Project Manager to French Teacher

I have always been attracted to discover new cultures and to meet people from all around the world. Before teaching French, I used to be a Project Manager in an American company and I was very lucky to work with people with different nationalities.

All the foreigners who have shared their stories with me (why they chose to live in France, the difficulty of learning a new language, etc.…) made me ask myself those questions:

1/Can we live in a country without speaking the language? In my opinion, it is difficult and not pleasant but it is possible…

2/Can we feel integrated, enjoy and live fully in this new life without speaking the language and without knowing at least some information about the country? I don’t think so…

Céline Prodhomme

 I wanted to go further than just teaching the French language.  That is why I also integrate culture, and French customs/habits in my lessons to help my students to feel AT HOME. I have set up my own methods and I like teaching the ‘real’ spoken French (the one spoken by the French natives, used in movies, songs, on the radio… )

Speak French with confidence, embrace joy, and unlock citizenship with 'C'est parti mon kiki!'

I always do my best so that my students can speak French without stress and with confidence, in a joyful atmosphere and with a lot of kindness. For those who want to become naturalized French citizens, I’m working on a customized program to obtain the B1 level (level required for the naturalization). I give F2F/group classes at my place in Antibes or online, choose what suits you best ! So let the adventure begin! C’est parti mon kiki!!!

PS : By the way, ‘C’est parti mon Kiki’, why did I choose this name ? Because it’s an expression I love to use when I’m ready to start something, it means Let’s go’ !

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