French lessons in the heart of Antibes

What about beginning to master the essentials of everyday French communication?

And if interacting like a local was no longer a dream?
You are at the right place. BIENVENUE !

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'Il faut toujours viser la lune, car même en cas d'échec, on atterrit dans les étoiles'

Oscar Wilde

C'est parti mon Kiki

Learn French the way it’s actually spoken!

I prioritize your growth. My caring and supportive learning environment ensures you flourish as you embark on your French language journey


Class on-site in Antibes or online

45€-60€ / h


If you want 1:1 attention and feel more comfortable with personalized instructions, my private lessons will be perfect for you. 

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Group Classes

From A0 to B2 in Antibes or online


Group classes for every level (beginner (A0/A1), elementary (A2), intermediate (B1) and advanced (B2) classes last one hour.

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Conversation class

For A2+ level to C1  learners


The ‘Bavardons programme’

Each class lasts 1h30 for 9 weeks in a row + a personalized 1:1 class at the end of the programme

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Unleash a World of Unique French Learning Experiences!

Elevate Your Language Journey With My Specialized Programs

Explore the extraordinary – from sailing the French Riviera to a week-long immersion in Antibes. Delight in themed workshops and prepare for citizenship in an exclusive language learning adventure tailored just for you.

French on a sailing boat

What about spending day on a sailing boat

Immersion program in Antibes

Spend a week in Antibes at my place

Themed workshop

What about learning French while having a traditional French breakfast?

Preparation for citizenship

Prepare for B1 DELF

French lessons in Antibes

About me

Your French Language Teacher and Cultural Guide

Bonjour! I’m Céline, a certified French teacher with a deep passion for language and culture. With years of experience and a mission to make you feel at home in France, I go beyond traditional language instruction. My approach includes real-world French, culture, and customs, fostering confidence and a joyful learning atmosphere. Whether you’re aiming for fluency or naturalization, let’s embark on this adventure together with ‘C’est Parti Mon Kiki!

Céline Prodhomme

Whispers of Triumph: Students' Stories

Celine has been my personal French Tutor for the past 6 months. During each lesson she is very well prepared and builds on my previous learning. She is very skilled at putting me at ease so that I can concentrate on my learning. She has a natural gift in supporting her clients with her expert knowledge and kind manner. The practical sessions, the learning activities and homework are always interesting and expand my knowledge of the language in a practical and cultural sense. Most importantly Celine makes learning French accessible, whether you are a new to the language, refreshing your skills or learning for business purposes.

Calum Maxwell (A0)
Calum Maxwell

J'apprécie le cours de conversation en petit groupe de Céline. Elle a un style décontracté et pourtant c'est 90 minutes en français. Elle est créative dans ses plans de cours avec de la musique, des publicités et même une excursion d'une journée en bateau comme approches d'apprentissage.

Carmen (B1)

Merci beaucoup Céline pour ce merveilleux séjour linguistique dans ton appartement. Tu es une professeure merveilleuse, une hôtesse incroyable et une très bonne cuisinière. J'ai passé une semaine merveilleuse, bien plus que je ne pouvais l'imaginer. J'ai adoré ta flexibilité et toutes les activités que tu avais organisées pour moi. Tu es une personne organisée, avec le sens du détail, très polie et amusante. Quels rires et quels bons moments nous avons passés ensemble !

Pilar Spain (B2)
Pilar from Spain

Les cours avec Céline ont certainement été un grand succès pour améliorer mon apprentissage. Grâce à sa façon de les transmettre (dynamique et amusante), tout devient plus facile à comprendre. En effet, ses cours m’ont aidé non seulement à mieux comprendre la grammaire, mais aussi à améliorer la prononciation, donc tout cela m’a donné confiance en moi. Je suis extrêmement satisfait des résultats obtenus, donc j’aimerais que Céline soit ma prof principale ici à Grenade.

Pablo Spain (C1)

I really enjoyed having Céline as a teacher! I was learning French from zero so I felt really intimidated, but she was so patient and understanding, and her bubbly nature and engaging lessons really made the whole process really enjoyable. Thank you for an excellent introduction to the French language! Highly recommended.

Katrin England (A0)
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